ALA Care

" You are not alone, We've got your back. "

ALA care’s mission is to extend a helping hand to people in need. Our initial focus is to setup an ALA Helpline to cordinate charity and other social support needed for people in US and Kerala.

ALA CARE is also planning to develop an number of programs to help people in US and Kerala. This includes guidance bureaus in Kerala to provide information and guidance to people planning to come to US,career center for people in US to help them find better job opportunities and Immigration Center for people in US looking for Visa and other immigration related information.

We are in a battle against COVID-19. At this hour of need for our people back in India, ALA care is using its network of volunteers locally in each area across most of the states to help people with arranging hospitalization, securing oxygen, virtual consultation etc. We have made this as our highest priority. Standing together, we will triumph over this virus soon.

Please reach out to us if any of your dear ones in India needs help.
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Our Program

ALA Kerala Helpline
Help people with immediate/urgent needs in US and Kerala
Provide charity support (Charity, Education, specific situations like natural calamities etc.)
Partner with Government organizations to support charitable causes
ALA Guidance Bureau
Partner with Government organizations in US and Kerala to support charitable causes.
Provide students with information on career opportunities
Annual events involving college students.
Students exchange program.
Provide sessions on English speaking(leveraging college going kids in US)
Career Center
Connecting resources with potential opportunities
Establishing a Career Center website
Organizing Networking events
Immigration Resources Center
Resource center related to H1B and other Visa related news
ASK an immigration expert section (future)